It's now or never, isn't it?


"Why won’t you just tell me?" Hermione asked her husband for what felt like the hundredth time. "Honestly, after thirty-five birthdays, I’m a bit sick of surprises."

"Just because you’re almost forty doesn’t mean you have to be so tetchy," Ron scolded, tapping her lightly on the nose as he cooked…

I mean, when we were doing it they are in a huge amount of danger. They’ve nearly just died and I think in that moment it’s about both of them realizing, “If we’re going to die tonight, the one thing I actually want to do is kiss you.”

Happy 35th Birthday, Hermione Jean Granger! (September 19, 1979)

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happy birthday hermione (sept 19, 1979)


the magic begins |

favorite ship- ron/hermione

Ron had had a fit of gallantry and insisted that Hermione sleep on the cushions from the sofa, so that her silhouette was raised above his. Her arm curved to the floor, her fingers inches from Ron’s. Harry wondered whether they had fallen asleep holding hands.

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Hogwarts AU - Hermione doesn’t make it through Malfoy Manor

aka one of the most heartbreaking AUs I will ever make. 

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harry and hermione’s relationship is so important because it shows that two characters can love each other deeply but not in a romantic way and there are not enough boy/girl unconditional, innocent friendships like that in books and that is why i am refusing to accept that J.K. wanted them together


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - Ron vs. Snape

sketchvember day 19. Okay, I know this set is dialogue-heavy and technically I cheated/got lazy with the animating but at least in my version Ron isn’t a complete jerk who agrees with Snape.

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the golden trio + formal wear